Summary creation

BNC Summary creation is a tool to create meaningful summaries. It uses semantic as well as algorithmic methods to analyse text and create summaries. You can define the length of the summary as well to set several parameters how to create the summary. The summary tool is available as a Word Press plugin as well as an API.

Test the summary function here:

For whom is the Summary creation 

For companies that want to get an abstract of their new content to fit smart phone screens or rss feeds. The companies can use the YOUS App to bring the content in the smart phone size and link it to the original content if you want to see the full information.

To people or companies that want to get an abstract around their interests. You can add your Keywords to create the summary around your interests. The Keywords will be used to create a summary. In this case the summary of the content is created around your interests. This can also be used to dedicate topic pages for your Web Pages.

What Problem will BNC solve with the Summary creation tool

Save time to create short versions of articles for different formats. Specially to create summaries for Smart Phones and to create automatic Topic orientated Web Pages by using summaries around selected Keywords.

To find out objectively what the writer of an article really focused on. With the base settings of the tool the summaries are calculated by the meaning and relevance of the words of the text. The more the author used semantic related words the more value a sentence gets and the summary will be created accordingly. It will prevent to have subjective summaries created by an human.

Automated press clipping if used together with the BNC content curration tool. The BNC content curration tool is reading all the relevant digital content for you and creates the summary directly. These can be send than to your email and you have an short but focused overview.

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