Semantic search

BNC Semantic search

We offer an API to process your content to be ready for a fast and flexible search. During the last 10 years we have developed special know how in the middle European languages to support excellent search in Croatian ,Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian and Polish as well as in English, German and Portuguese.

For whom is the semantic search

Small and Medium sized companies that do not want to maintain their own semantic search servers.

Website owner that need an advanced search for their customers and visitors to find relevant information.

WordPress user that want to power up their platform with an advanced search, add curated content and want to create meaningful summaries.

What problem is the BNC semantic search solving

Small and medium sized companies can have a semantic search without a high initial investment in hardware, software and installation. Most IT departments of small and medium companies also do not have the budget to maintain a semantic search engines but the semantic service from BNC will solve the problem.

Website owner with a lot of relevant information will benefit from the BNC search as they will increase the visitor satisfaction with the fast search and visitors will stay longer on their portal.