Online seminar player

The BNC seminar player provides lecturers, companies and education facilities with a easy to integrate online plugin with a video seminar player and quiz module.

The player is developed to provide fast and flexible seminars and quizzes to every portal independent of the used technology. With an easy to copy java script the full seminar will appear where ever you want it. With partners BNC also offers ready made seminars that can be integrated to your intranet. Its also possible to create your own seminar side in WordPress with the BNC seminar Video PlugIn.

The BNC seminar player offers an build in registration, login and payment function. With these features the seminar provider can instantly start to create revenue with his seminars.

For whom is the Online seminar player

The online player can be used by every person or group that want to publish online seminars or online courses on the internet.

  • Education institutes that want to integrate and handle large amount of courses and students with an in dept user statistic and quiz result tracking
  • Companies that want to educate employees and would like to have a tracking of how the employee understood the new knowledge.
  • Tutors and lecturer that want to publish their online courses on the internet for free or to earn money.

Was the message received?

The main purpose of a seminar is to transfer knowledge to the participants of the class. With online courses provided via the Online seminar player you and your student will get the courses in single chapters including quizzes and tests. After each chapter the student know if he has to repeat part of the chapter or if he can continue. Also the course provider will know if his course was transferring the message or if it has to be optimized to get the knowledge over.

Online seminar player is easy to use and integrate

We concentrated to design the creation of the online seminars as easy as possible, but with all needed features that will come up providing a professional education and promotion. After the creation of the seminar you can with just copy and past insert your course to every webpage you want. You can still control who can take the course, get your statistics and get your students results.

Integration of video and quizz

The integration of the quizzes to the seminar chapters is a unique feature of the Biznetcircle online seminar player. Due to the combination it is fast and easy to handle the know how transfer and to keep the important seminar steps together.

Players features

  • Video upload
  • Video processing in all needed formats
  • Video streaming
  • Playlist chapter by chapter
  • Play speed control for the¬†video
  • Weekly updated broadcasting seminar show
  • Adding and editing of chapters and sub-chapters to navigate inside the seminar
  • History of viewed chapters
  • 4 different formats of seminar quizzes and exams with XML result export
  • Selection of introductions and outroductions
  • Flexible backgrounds and logos
  • Adjustable size for embedding
  • Preview limitations for pay seminars
  • Right mouse click block to prevent HTML5 video download from the browser
  • Download of seminar documentation from the player
  • Search connection with BNC semantic search for seminar information (Title, Chapter, Keywords, Chapter teaser, Authors, Topics and custom fields)
  • Storing of the seminars in a central CMS
  • Statistics for seminar usage
Seminar player with speed control, chapter selection and document download

Seminar player with speed control, chapter selection and document download



Multiple choice exam with time limit to finish the exam.


Pricing is from free test seminars to individual pricing for high volume seminar web portals.