Yous Blue

What is YOUS Blue about

YOUS  Blue is a news application with the purpose to show only the news relevant to a company, group or user.

Furthermore, YOUS  Blue is turning these information into summaries. It is on the user to decide if the summary is enough or if he prefers to read the full article or just bookmarks it to read it later on the PC.

Why YOUS Blue

In a fast moving world with uncountable new information every day managers and employees need filtered and compressed news about their interests. To get these information without wasting hours to find them on Google or other sources YOUS Blue is doing the job for you.

YOUS Blue can be customized to your company with a private access code or even with an own branded app.

What it helps

It helps its users to be informed about their interests via their smartphone. Instead of displaying the full article or only getting a teaser the essential part of the articles are summarized in 400 or 800 words that fit to your smartphone screen.

Why is YOUS Blue unique

YOUS  Blue uses a complex, unique technology, which ensures that the information displayed is the essential of an article the is of your interest.

With the personal access code you can have for your company a custom structure of Topics, sources and information including your company news and manually selected articles.


  • Individual section of information projects
  • Unique summary function of articles
  • Bookmarking of articles
  • Search Topics that shows news by Keywords
  • Flexible customization for companies
  • Admin interface for premium company users
  • Connection to your information systems

Price / Free:

  • Free app for public projects
  • 49,99 $ per month for private access + setup fees


YOUS  Blue is user friendly and customizable. YOUS  Blue is an application whose powerful search engine always keeps the user updated on the news of their interest. It presents with a distinguishing feature to summarize to have the essence of an article on your smartphone.