Certified Exams

Certified Exams

Certified Exams is an online service where you can build, embed, and manage your own exams, tests or quizzes fast and easily. The exam results can be fully automatic or according the evaluation of one or more tutors. Custom certificates are created at the end of the Exam including an overview of every result.

For whom is the Certified Exam

This web-based tool is created for education institutes (universities, schools), companies and knowledge base web portals. The easy use make it a good choice for any internet portal that like to offer quizzes or exams and the advanced features enables it also for the complex solutions.

What is the customer problem

Education institutes spending hours to create and track exams for their students. With this tool the exam is set up in an easy way with 4 different type of question and answers. The correction module will provide the possibility to manually check and evaluate the results with more than only one corrector. It has also an annonymization function so the corrector does not see the students name.

Companies need to have their staff up to date with new information, technologies and rules. During the internal trainings also the social component is importent, but to be sure that your people will at the end also know the essentials the Certified Exam will be your tool. With the Certified Exam you can check the knowledge level of all your employees.

Websites are visited and used not only to spread information, but also to distribute knowledge. If your visitor is not sure if he got all right what you have posted you can add a test at the end and you and your visitor will know if your content has reached its purpose.

What it helps:

Educational institutes save a lot of time using the Certified Exams. The creation is easy, the fraud during the exams can be reduced by random question selection and the correction module will support the responsible professor as tutors can pre-evaluate the exams.

Companies will be able to have a fair knowledge evaluation of their employees and the employees will be happy to be evaluated on an objective base.

Website visitor will know if they got the key points of the information. The website owner will know if the provided the information in a way that the visitor really understood the purpose of the content or if he has to improve his content.

Whom it helps:

  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Companies
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Website owner and visitors

Why are we better:

We have for fully automated exams with 4 different type questions. We have a strong correction module if needed and we offer upload of videos, pictures and documents that can be rated by multiple corrector’s.


  • multiple choice with one right answer
  • multiple choice where non to all selection can be selected as the right answer
  • Free space text where you can enter different words to get points for the right answer
  • Fee text answers to be rated by corrector’s
  • Full automatic results and exams for multiple and free space exams
  • Correction interface for tutors and co corrector’s
  • Custumizable text
  • Individual exam layout
  • Automatic creation of final exam to download

Price / Free:

  • Free exams for up to 10 automatic question exams
  • 5,99 $ per month for up to 1000 exam taker per month and storage of 100 different exams
  • 49,99 $ per month for full access with up to 20 tutors