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BiznetCircle s.r.o. (BNC) is a company offering new technologies for publishing, education and expert systems.


Advanced search, summaries and matching systems in English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian,  Slovak, Slovenian and Croatian. The BNC search is based on advanced semantic technologies verified by the professional publishing companies in 8 countries. We offer the search, summary and matching as a service for your content. See more about our semantic search and summaries creation.

Curated news or press clipping on an automated base can be added to your company intranet, personal company news app or webpage with our content curation tool. With the Yous App (your news app) it is possible to compress the most important extract about information interesting for your company to your smart phone screen. See more here.

We support an easy to use WordPress plugin for semantic search and a plug in to add relevant news to your WordPress side. See our Semantic WordPress PlugIns.

Individual support or additional languages can be added by request as a service.


Seminar player with integrated quiz support. Our easy to integrate Seminar Player Service provides a online uploading and editing of seminar video playlists and adding of 4 different quiz formats. With coping a simple line of code to your website the video with all the functions is embedded to your portal. The Seminars support also WordPress. The player collects the necessary statistical data to monitor the seminar news. Here is more about the BNC Seminar Player with integrated quizzes.

Certified Exams is a service for advanced online Exams. The exams can be created, evaluated and results distributed online. There is an easy copy past code to display the exams on your own portal. Depending on the question structure exam results can be calculated automatically or be evaluated by one ore more tutors. Create your Exam now.

Expert tools:

The Travel Chatbot is a chatbot to support employees, book keeping and human resource to get information about travel cost and to create a preliminary travel cost calculation.